The Chase



31 Oct 63 - 14 Nov 64
21 Nov 64 - 26 Dec 64
02 Jan 65 - 09 Jan 65
16 Jan 65 - 06 Feb 65
13 Feb 65 - 20 Mar 65
27 Mar 65 - 17 Apr 65
24 Apr 65 - 15 May 65
22 May 65 - 26 Jun 65
03 Jul 65 - 24 Jul 65


1. The Executioners.
22nd May 1965
5.:41 p.m.
2. The Death of Time.
29th May 1965
5.:41 p.m.
3. Flight Through Eternity.
5th June 1965
5.:41 p.m.
4. Journey Into Terror.
12th June 1965
5.:41 p.m.
5. The Death of Doctor Who.
19th June 1965
5.:41 p.m.
6. The Planet of Decision.
26th June 1965
5.:40 p.m.

The Doctor finds through his new Time/Space Visualizer - with which he can see scenes from any time he wishes (stock film of the Beatles is used) - that the Daleks are after him in a time machine of their own design. The two crafts engage in a frantic chase through the Cosmos. After a brief encounter on the desert planet Aridius, the TARDIS lands on the Empire State Building, the Marie Celeste (whose crew leap into the sea at the site of the Daleks), a Gothic house with Dracula and Frankenstein's monster (who turns out to be amusement park robots), and finally on the planet Mechanus, a world overgrown with deadly vegetation, inhabited by the Mechanoids, human-built robots sent there to prepare the planet for colonization, but subsequently forgotten. The travelers are taken prisoners by the Mechanoids after the Doctor's victory over a robot built in his image by the Daleks. They meet Steven Taylor, the only survivor of a crashed spaceship. The Daleks and the Mechanoids fight and destroy each other, but the Dalek time machine survives intact. Ian and Barbara use it to get back to their own time.  Steven stumbles into the TARDIS and stays with the Doctor and Vicki.
After the departure of Ian and Barbara, the TARDIS crew no longer contains any of the original companions.

The Doctor:
 William Hartnell
Ian Chesterton: William Russell
Barbara Wright: Jacqueline Hill
Vicki: Maureen O'Brien
Steven Taylor: Peter Purves

Guest Appearances:
Abraham Lincoln:
 Robert Marsden
Shakespeare: Hugh Walters
Frances Bacon:
 Roger Hammond
Queen Elizabeth I:
 Vivienne Bennett
TV Announcer:
 Richard Coe
The Beatles: As Themselves
Mire Beast: 
Jack Pitt
Gerald Taylor, Kevin Manser, Robert Jewell, John Scott Martin
Dalek Voices: Peter Hawkins, David Graham
Malsan: Ian Thompson
Rynian: Hywel Bennett
Prondyn: Al Raymond
 Arne Gordon
Morton Dill:
 Peter Purves
Albert Richardson:
 Dennis Chinnery
Captain Briggs: David Blake Kelly
Patrick Carter
Willoughby: Douglas Ditta
Stewart: Jack Pitt
Frankenstein's  Monster: John Maxim
Dracula: Malcolm Rogers
Grey Lady:
 Roslyn de Winter
Robot Doctor:
 Edmund Warwick
 Murphy Grumbar, Jack Pitt, John Scott Martin, Ken Tyllson
Mechanoid Voices: David Graham
Bus Conductor: 
Derek Ware

Producer:  Verity Lambert.
Script Editor: Dennis Spooner.
Writer: Terry Nation.
Director: Richard Martin. (Douglas Camfield some sequences in episode 6, uncredited)
Designer: Raymond P. Cusick, John Wood (Barry Newbery some sequences in episode 6, uncredited)
Costume: Daphne Dare.
Make up:
Sonia Markham.
Music: Dudley Simpson. 

1989 Edition 1st printing with cover by Alister PearsonNovelised as "Doctor Who - The Chase"  by John Peel (0 426 20336 4) first published by W.H. Allen (now Virgin Publishing Ltd.) in 1989 with cover by Alister Pearson.  Target library number 140.

Image of The Doctor captured by Moroks Image of Mechanoid city Image of a MechanoidImage of Daleks and Mechanoids fightingImage of a Dalek on The Marie CelesteImage of Barbara, Ian back in London

Image of Video CoverReleased as "The Daleks Limited Edition Boxed Set: The Chase & Remembrance of the Daleks" in the UK October 1993 and in Australia and New Zealand (BBC catalogue #5005). US and Canada release in 1993 from CBS/FOX (catalogue #4795). Cover art by Andrew Skilleter on the individual PAL tapes; box set as a Dalek only. The UK, Australia and NZ version included a book, "The Daleks" and was packaged in a tin. The North American version was released only in a white boxcover with Dalek artwork, without the booklet, and did not retain the individual covers.



This was the third adventure to feature the Daleks, and the only story to use stock footage of The Beatles. They played "Ticket to Ride" in Part one.
Peter Purves joins the cast as Steven Taylor in the final episode, though he is seen earlier in another role as a tourist at the Empire State Building; this role eventually won him the role of Steven.

All six episodes exist as 16mm telecine recordings. Negative film prints of all four episodes were recovered from BBC Enterprises circa 1978.

Ealing filming. (12-15 April; 10 May 1965)
Studio recording in Riverside 1. (30 April; 7, 14, 21, 28 May; 4 June 1965)
Camber Sands, East Sussex. (9 April 1965)
Garage behind Studio 3A/B.
(10 May 1965)

Episode 1 - As the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki are watching the Time-Space Visualiser, Ian is seen singing along to the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride". What's amazing is that he knows the words, despite coming from Earth in 1963 (two years before the song was released).
Episode 1 - Note that when Barbara goes back to the TARDIS to turn off the Visualiser, she walks on to the set where the Visualiser is from the wrong direction! She should have entered from the door on the left (where they all walked off when the Doctor announced "We're about to materialise!"). Not only that, but she yells from where she walked on to the Doctor to come quickly, which is followed by him entering from the same nowhere that she did!
Episode 1 - When Ian yells "Hello!", his echo doesn't match.
Episode 1 - When Vicki leaves in a huff, she leaves a screwdriver on the Time-Space Visualiser. It promptly falls off with a loud clatter that William Hartnell reacts to by groaning.
Episode 2 - When the Doc and co. are on Aridius, in the background you can see the sand dunes stretching off into the far distance, but when they walked across the screen they cast shadows on the dunes - rather giving away the fact that they were just cardboard cut-outs.
Episode 2 - When the Doctor, and Barbara are being held by the Aridians, Vicki comes to find them. When she is rushing to meet them, she knocks an Aridian over. KeEpisode your eye on him. After a few seconds, he gets up, looks confused for a second and then looks at someone behind the camera. He then "sneaks" off the set.
Episode 2, 4 - The Doctor appears to leave his coat on Aridius, though he somehow has it back by the time they reach Mechanus.
Episode 3 - Watch out for the motionless and rather battered looking Daleks standing on either side of the ramp into the Dalek ship. These are actually 2 ex-movie Daleks which were returned to the BBC to be used in the show, but there wasn't enough time to replace the movie style large base and jam-jar dome lights... So these bits were simply removed in the hope no-one would notice. [This info comes from the instruction sheet for the Sevans Models Dalek kit.]
Episode 3 - Just after the Doc & crew escape from Aridius (when Barbara says that he wasn't bursting with enthusiasm), a boom shadow moves across the Time Rotor.
Episode 3 - Just after the previous blooper, Ian, Barbara and Vicki all gather around the Doctor. Vicki puts her hands deep in her pockets and starts to wiggle her legs, move her hands (in the pockets) and shake her hips. Judging by the desperate facial expressions she had a need to visit the Ladies room...
Episode 4 - Before the TARDIS materialises in the Haunted House, you hear the Dalek Time Machine materialisation sound for no reason whatsoever. Then you hear and see the TARDIS materialise. Also as the TARDIS materialises in the haunted house, note the shadow of the person on the TARDIS door who quickly runs away when it has fully materialised.
Episode 4 - The Doctor and Ian enter Frankenstein's lab in the haunted house. They see the Monster lying unanimated on a table. Behind the table is a large ventilation screen. Behind this screen is an empty Dalek - note that at this point in the story, the Daleks weren't supposed to have arrived yet. A later scene in this same room shows that Dalek in action, "exterminating" the Monster.
Episode 4 - When the Doctor and Ian escape from Frankenstein's monster and the monster lies down on its couch again, we hear Vicki's next line "What's that in aid of?" a few seconds before she actually says it in the next scene. (Apparently, Maureen O'Brien jumped her cue and said the line before the camera was actually on her.) Immediately after the previous blooper, Barbara's next line, the quote about "Ask not for whom the bell tolls..." seems to suggest that we should have just heard a spooky-sounding bell go off about then. So where did it vanish to?
Episode 4 - There's a clearly visible boom mike and operator standing in the shadows as Ian and the Doctor come down the stairs of the haunted house for the last time.
Episode 4 - When the Daleks establish that the Doctor & crew. are approaching the planet Mechanus, we see a rectangular screen in their time machine with a series of three-digit numbers underneath the main monitor, supposedly part of the machine. But when a Dalek moves in front of the screen, the numbers are partially superimposed on the Dalek!
Episode 5 - There's also a shot of the jungle on Mechanus where you can see a Dalek in the background before they're supposed to have arrived.
Episode 5 - Watch the scene where Vicki finds the TARDIS for the first time (on Mechanus). Afterwards, you can see a boom in the background. And if you keep looking at the background you can see the operator's hand pick something up off the ground.
Episode 5 - When Ian and the Doctor are carrying Vicki back to the cave, in the background is the Dalek ship, right outside the cave (instead of half-way across the jungle) - and they don't even notice it!
Episode 5 - When the Daleks are massing to attack our heroes, they pass by the entrance to their cave and continue half-way across the jungle to the entrance again!
Episode 5 - In one scene in the jungle on Mechanus, a BBC camera cruises through the background - you can see a large white '3' painted on its side.
Episode 6 - As the Doctor and Ian come back down from the roof of the city, Steven walks over to talk to them. The camera "dramatically" follows Steven around the set until a certain point where the camera suddenly jerks, we hear a soft "thunk" and then a "oooh!" from the cameraman!
Episode 6 - There's a moment when the Doctor and crew. have been first captured by the Mechanoids that the camera is jostled very obviously.
Episode 6 - When the door to Steven's "cell" drops, it bounces a few times before it closes for good.
Episode 6 - When Ian and Barbara are starting to climb down from the Mechanoid city roof, Barbara slips and falls head-first off the roof. Ian saves her... by grabbing her pants! He clings onto her belt for dear life and almost manages to pull her trousers off in the process of rescuing her.
Episode ? - In one scene where the Daleks are entering their time machine, you can see one lifting itself up to get over the lip at the entrance.
Episode ? - There's a scene where a Dalek is moving along on some sand, and you can see that it leaves footprints in the sand after it!
Episode ? - In one scene in the Dalek craft, you can see someone running across the bottom right hand corner of the screen - quickly, but noticeably.